Whose Shout? – Your Shout!

In June 2010, CPCG Lambeth published a report, Whose Shout?, which examined the gaps in community engagement around Community Safety in Lambeth. The report is based on extensive research by Catriona Robertson, funded by the Safer Lambeth Partnership, and makes important recommendations.

You can download a copy of the report by clicking on the title above (it’s a large file and takes about a minute to download on an average broadband connection). And you can comment on it below or by emailing your comments to whoseshout@lambethcpcg.org.uk.

Hardcopies of the report can be requested from the same email address.

We hope you enjoy reading the report, which is written jargon-free, everyday language, and look forward to your comments.

After a period of discussion and reflection, CPCG Lambeth will be bringing together key players in the borough to put the lessons from the report into practice.

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